Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Head-to-Toe: Blue, Grey & 100% Handmade

Crystal Waters Bracelet, $25 Raphaelina Jewelry : My own sparkly creation from the Raphaelina line, I think this bracelet would be a nice match to this collection of talented creators.

Heather blue scoop top, $45 Devil May Wear : A ridiculously fun Etsy shop, Devil May Wear has everything from the basic tube top to bloomers.

Orange Cream Handbag, $26 Chet and Dot : Another great Etsy find, this store currently has 157 items for you to ogle over! I know I spent far too much time looking through all their sweet creations. This lovely, creamy bag with the top of a tree peeking through is the perfect offset to the Lovebird Skirt. After all, the little birdie has to have a place to roost, right?

Blue Crochet headscarf, $5 RedBerryCrochet : What better way to maintain your tresses than in RedBerryCrochet's lovely creations? Super light weight and totally luxe.

Lovebird Skirt, $15 Moxiedoll : The inspiration for this Head-to-Toe, Moxiedoll takes this recycled pinstripe wool skirt and really makes it something special. Only $15!? I had to look twice. Then blink a few times and look again. Such a steal, go buy it up while it's still available!

Homemade mary jane's, $58 Netamir : There is a surprising shortage of Indie shoe designers out there, which is just such a shame. Plenty of baby-booty makers, sure, but what about us full-grown ladies? Netamir stepped up to the challenge to create these adorable mary jane's, inspired by her doll's tootsies. I'd recommend them in grey to go with this outfit.

What's this Head-to-Toe deal all about? The idea came to me when I had yet another conversation with a good shopping buddy about how she loves Indie stuff, but never knows what to pair the pieces with! So, every Tuesday I'll be posting up a complete outfit put together from the talents of Independent Designers from all over the globe. Got some recommendations? Comment me!

Crystal Waters Bracelet, $25 Raphaelina Jewelry
Heather blue scoop top, $45 Devil May Wear
Blue Crochet headscarf, $5 RedBerryCrochet
Orange Cream Handbag, $26 Chet and Dot
Lovebird Skirt, $15 Moxiedoll
Homemade mary jane's, $58 Netamir


neta said...

Thanks for blogging my shoes,
I love your idea of head to toe Tuesday, will be tuned every week.
Here is some recommendations-
The Portuguese designer Dina Ladina-
I admire her work for long time.
The indie designs of threegreenapples- http://threegreenapples.blogspot.com/

Megan said...

So glad to hear you enjoy the idea! Those two designers you recommended are just wonderful- I'll be checking in with them (and you!) regularly.

ambika said...

This is an awesome feature. I think I always have a hard time figuring out how to go beyond little things when it comes to handmade--like jewelry and paper goods. The clothing can get steep sometimes but this shows it is possible to do handmade all the way.